Chinese Breeze

Chinese Breeze is an innovative graded Chinese reader series that is planning to offer over 60 titles of graded Chinese readers at eight language levels. Chinese Breeze is designed for all learners of Chinese from beginner to advanced levels. Chinese Breeze offers students a great opportunity to read for pleasure and develop fluency, improve their confidence in Chinese. Chinese Breeze is published by the Peking University Press, a Chinese publishing house who specialise in materials for learners of Chinese.

The text in the Chinese Breeze series has been carefully selected so that it contains the most useful words for actual communication in Chinese. All books in Chinese Breeze are carefully tailored to the targetted readers as they have been written with help of special Chinese as a foreign language teachers.

The stories in Chinese Breeze are mostly original stories and cover a large variety of genres including adventure, romance, fantasy, social issues and many others.

Each book in the Chinese Breeze series comes with a mini CD with recordings of the text. This mini CD can be played in a normal CD player and has the text in both a normal speed and a slower speed as well. In 2013 so far two books have been published, The Painted Skin and the The Moon Sculpture Left Behind.

Books in Chinese Breeze:

Level 1 (approx 300 word level)

Can I Dance With You?
Left and Right: The Conjoined Brothers
I Really Want to Find Her
Two Children Seeking the Joy Bridge
Whom Do You Like More?
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Level 2 (approx 500 word level)
Secrets of a Computer Company
Green Phoenix
Mother and Son
After the Accident
Our Geese Have Gone
If I Didn’t Have You
An Old Painting

Level 3 (approx 750 word level)
The Painted Skin
The Moon Sculpture Left Behind
The Third Eye


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