Level 4: The Competitor

The Competitor is in the fourth level of Chinese Breeze which contains approximately 1100 words.

Description of the book: The Chinese software developed by Fang Xin in “The Competitor” was selling well with the support of NorthTech Computer Corporation, when his ex-wife returned to China, representing an American company, and asked to cooperate with him, saying she could pay a lot of money.
Fang Xin did not agree. It was a very famous and big company, so why didn’t he say yes? Soon, something very strange happened at work, and Fang Xin’s ex-wife also took the matter to the court …… At this time, his wife, who had always loved Fang Xin, changed her attitude towards him, and Fang Xin felt that work and life were very difficult. So, how did he solve these difficulties? What happened to his ex-wife and his wife ……?

Chinese description of the book: 《竞争对手方新开发的中文软件在北科电脑公司的支持下正卖得好,他的前妻回国了,代表美国一家公司,要求跟他合作,说可以出很多钱。方新没有答应。那可是一家非常有名的大公司啊,他为什么不答应呢?很快,工作上发生了一些非常奇怪的事,方新的前妻还把事情闹到了法院……这时候,一直很爱方新的妻子对他的态度也发生了变化,方新感到工作和生活都很困难。那么,他是怎么解决这些困难的?他的前妻和妻子后来怎么样了……?