Chinese Breeze Level 3: Friends

Friends is the newest book in the third level of Chinese Breeze which contains approximately 750 words.

Friends Chinese Breeze Level 3

Description of Friends: My father for all his wealth, could do nothing about his sickness. I, for all my hard-partying habits, did want to do something big with my life – to take over my father’s massive company. But my father asked me to go to Beijing first. He wanted me to spend some time with Zhang Li, a fellow college student whose father was even richer than mine. He wanted me to learn from Zhang Li and perhaps become more like him.

In Beijing, I couldn’t find Zhang Li, and after a while I almost forgot what my father asked me to do. I couldn’t imagine that such unbelievable things had happened to me while I was in Beijing, and my life was completely changed. And in the end my father did pass his company to me.

Chinese description: 《朋友》是《汉语风》中文分级系列读物第3级分册。

“我”爸爸很有钱,但他生了重病。“我”不喜欢学习, 就喜欢跟朋友们一起喝酒吃饭、一起玩,当然,“我”还想干大事–把爸爸最大的公司要过来。可是,爸爸要求我先一个人去北京,和家里更有钱的大学生张力做 朋友,变成张力那样的人。   在北京,“我”一直没找到张力,后来,“我”都差不多忘了找张力的事……可是最后,爸爸高兴地把他的大公司给了“我”。你知道,“我”在北京出了些什 么事,和谁做了朋友?