Level 4: A Word Once Given

A Word Once Given is in the fourth level of Chinese Breeze which contains approximately 1100 words.

A Word Once Given Chinese Breeze Level 4Description of the book: The story of “A Word Once Given” has wonderful twists and turns, and the language is vivid and concise, making it a good graded storybook in Chinese. The story begins in a park in Kunming(Yunnan). Gao Ruili takes his wife Tang Tiantian to the park for the weekend and accidentally hits a bicyclist on the way to the park. Later they encounter an old man in front of the park repairing shoes and what unexpected story happens? 

Chinese description of the book: 《对一句话负责》故事曲折精彩,语言生动简洁,是一部不错的汉语分级故事书。故事梗概:故事从昆明一处公园开始,高瑞丽周末带着妻子唐甜甜去公园玩,开车路上不小心撞到一个骑自行车人,而他们是个抢劫团伙,通过声东击西的方法,抢走了车里的包,正好被公园里活体雕塑看到,帮着把包夺了回来。后来他们寻找这个的“雕塑”,又碰到公园门口修鞋的老人,到绿宝石饭店后又发生了哪些意想不到的故事?主人公要对哪句话负责?三十年前还有什么事没揭开……